How Perpetual Amity “Furniture” works:

Though the cost of warehouse utilities has tripled, gasoline prices have nearly doubled, and our insurance has increased, Amity will once again offer our furniture at $50 per order. This decision was reached after much prayer and responding to the message for all students that Jesus loves and cares for them. Should students wish to make a donation to Perpetual Amity it will be appreciated, but not required. The furniture received is on loan to the recipient and must be returned to Perpetual Amity, NFP upon permanently leaving campus. The furnishings are then placed back into inventory for future use. To return furniture notify us at Furniture is only loaned to international students living in the address given on the furniture request form and is not to be shared or distributed to other students or apartments. An order may contain up to but not exceed 8 units excluding dishes which will not count towards the 8.